With the exception of tree roots, grease blockages are the most common problem we deal with. These call-outs always get more frequent around the Holiday season, when the perfect storm occurs: people tend to cook lots of delicious, fatty food and then pour grease down the drain, where freezing temperatures quickly solidify it. Combine this with the increased strain placed on plumbing systems by visiting friends and family, and you have a Christmas Day disaster in the making!

Fats, oils and grease collect together at all points of your waste plumbing, from sink traps to the main municipal sewer, causing back-ups and floods of sewage.

Save yourself the stress, inconvenience and expense of a stopped up kitchen sink or overflowing toilet and follow these quick, easy steps for safe grease, oil and fat disposal:

1 – Soak up used fat with a paper towel or napkin, then throw it in the trash

Fans of cast iron cooking will know this trick: Instead of washing your pan in soap and water, wipe it with a disposable towel. This has the added benefit of keeping your cookware in tip-top shape, as even the most gentle scrubbing can leave microscopic abrasions in your cooking surface that, over time, will make your pan more prone to sticking.

2 – Pour used fat into a disposable container and let solidify before throwing in the trash

If you cook a lot of the same foods, like bacon or fries, keep a container on hand for the used fats. As long as it is stored in a cool, dry place with a lid on, you can reuse it. Or, for a fun family project, you can create suet bird feeding blocks, to keep our feathered friends fed and happy during the lean winter months! The recipe can be found at the bottom of this post.

3 – If you don’t plan on reusing the oil, an empty jar will do

Keep a clean, empty pasta sauce jar next to your stove to drain your fats into. When full, simply throw it in the trash.

4 – If you do pour grease down the drain, don’t panic

Give us a call at (937) 222-8888 and we will send one of our highly-trained techs to take care of it for you. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Simple, Adorable Bird Feeder Recipe

1 – Carefully heat your used cooking fat until it is liquid
2 – Holding a looped length of rope in a disposable cup, pack bird seed around all sides
3 – Pour fat into cup until all of the bird seed is covered
4 – Add a few nuts or cranberries to the top
5 – Tie to a tree near your window and enjoy the view!