Septic system

When you think of your home septic system, almost anyone can think of a long list of items they have been warned not to flush down their drains: Grease, food particles, feminine products, paper towels, baby wipes, cotton balls,  etc. Yet there is one very astonishing product that is safe to flush, and may improve the overall effectiveness of your septic system to boot.

What is this mystery product? The Humble tub of Nonfat Greek Yogurt.

Now I know you may be shaking your head and wondering at this startling tidbit, but just keep on dear reader.

Greek yogurt is known for its qualities as a probiotic (also known as Live Bacteria or Beneficial Bacteria)  and is often touted by health food experts and dieticians for improving healthy gut-bacteria and supporting proper digestion. This same reasoning can be applied to your home septic system. Your septic also relies on a normal balance of bacteria to break down solid waste, toilet paper, and anything else that accumulates in your tank so it can flow easily through your leach field.

Harsh chemicals (like ammonia based cleaners) that are commonly used around the household don’t discriminate between the types of bacteria they kill, resulting in an imbalance that can have your septic filling faster and in turn leading you to have to get your tank pumped more frequently than necessary.  There are many septic tank additives on the market, ranging from $12- $60. Plain Greek yogurt, on the other hand, averages $3.50 for a 32oz tub. Adding a small amount of live bacteria to your tank could save you hassle and headache in the future.

Unfortunately, sometimes your  drainage problems go farther than a home remedy can help. Remember, if you are having issues with your home septic system you can always call us here at Drain Tech (937) 222-8888  anytime 24/7, 365 days a year, to have one our our friendly experienced techs help resolve your needs. Every Leech Field needs maintenance every once in a while – trust yours to the fast, friendly and honest drain, sewer and septic experts at Drain Tech.