get your home ready for winter | prepare your home for winter

The extreme Ohio weather can have a major impact on the plumbing in your home and can see drains become blocked, flooded or burst under the pressure.

This article will focus on how you can prepare your home for winter, avoiding costly repairs at a time when money may be particularly tight.

Prevent your pipes from freezing

As temperatures plummet throughout the January and February months, putting the correct preventative measures in place will help stop your pipes from freezing. Expansion of icy water inside your pipes can cause cracks, so leaving your heating on a low temperature overnight will ensure the water continues to flow throughout the system. Exposed pipes should be insulated with pipe insulation. If your kitchen or laundry room is particularly cold, make sure that you leave cupboard doors open to ensure proper air circulation.

Defrost pipes if the water inside has frozen

In some cases, the water inside the pipes may have already frozen, so rather than switching on your central heating (as this can cause the pipe to expand and crack), a gentle defrosting method – such as using towels soaked in warm water – needs to be applied.


The thermal capabilities of certain insulation materials can protect pipework in lofts or attics from freezing, as well as improving the overall efficiency of the system. Insulating your water heater and hot water pipes can save you lots of money, and will more than pay for itself within a year or two!


Blockages inside your drains are not only a nuisance, they can also cause a great deal of damage to your pipework which, in turn, leads to costly repairs.

The cold winter weather can cause any traces of grease, oil or fat inside your drains to harden, so pouring boiling or hot water down them will remove any minor blockages before they become a larger, expensive problem. We recommend preventative maintenance of your drains to prepare your home for Winter.

Emergency Shutoff

A fully functioning plumbing system will reduce the risk of your drains freezing during the chilly Winter months. In preparation for an emergency, you must make sure that your emergency shutoff is easily accessible and is in full working order. Flooding can cause major damage to your home and cost thousands of dollars to repair, so we recommend the water is turned off before it has the chance to flood and burst your pipes.

Call Drain Tech Ohio, the Drainage experts

Regular drainage maintenance checks by a professional company will keep your drains working at optimal performance for longer.

Here at Drain Tech, we provide a drain maintenance service to keep drains in fully functional condition, not just over winter but throughout the year. We also provide a thorough repair service if your property is suffering from broken or collapsed drains, so they are restored back to top working order in next to no time.

Taking the time to properly prepare your home for Winter can save so much time, hassle and money! Call Drain Tech today at (937) 222-8888 to schedule your Winter Prep drain cleaning.