flush down the toilet

Throughout your time as a homeowner, you are going to encounter moments like the question above. At some point, we are all tempted to flush something down the toilet, or rinse down the drain, some item that really isn’t meant to do so. It may seem harmless, or save you time at the moment, but these little lapses in diligence can cost you major hassle, headache, and money in the long term.

According to realtor.com homeowners who flush inappropriate items are facing $150-$460 annually to deal with these mishaps. Luckily, changing a few small habits around the home can prevent this inconvenience. Here at Drain Tech we believe in helping our neighbors however we can, and sometimes that starts with knowing what you should​​ not​ do.

The following items are the top five household products you should avoid flushing at all costs!

Paper towels, wet wipes, and cotton balls

Unlike toilet paper, these items do not break down easily and can quickly cause a clog by completely blocking a pipe. Think of how paper items are made: layer on layer is added to make a solid structure. Now imagine doing that to your septic.

Feminine hygiene items

These products are designed specifically to be absorbent and expand significantly once exposed to liquid.

Fats, grease, and oils

We have all been guilty of rinsing meat grease from supper down the drain, but its okay if you do it as long as you rinse with hot water afterwards, right? Sorry, but no. All you are doing is pushing that grease further down the pipe, to eventually cool and congeal, creating an impenetrable buildup of fatty lipids to restrict proper drainage.

Coffee grinds and egg shells

These two seemingly innocuous kitchen items can become a major issue. Most people assume that because they are small, they don’t pose a threat. However, the small, sandy consistency can accumulate in your sewer, and get trapped in grease creating castle-like clogs in your system. Toss these items in the trash or compost instead. Also, we hate to disagree with your granny, but please don’t believe the old wives’ tale she claims is gold about egg shells sharpening your garbage disposal blades – they actually damage them!

Kitty litter

Even if the package claims that this is a flushable product, don’t believe the hype! Kitty litter is typically made of clay and silicates which are designed to clump. It should never be flush down the toilet. Beyond that, the bacteria in your feline’s feces can be harmful if they make it past your sewer to the water supply. Protect your drinking water by scooping into the garbage.

Avoiding flushing these items will greatly improve the efficiency of your drainage system. Yet if you are a little late coming across this article, and you find yourself woefully staring at a clogged sink, don’t lose heart! Call in the professionals to help you, don’t hesitate! Call (937)222-8888 and one of our highly-trained Drain Techs can fix your problem today – usually within an hour or two! Don’t put it off until the problem is much more difficult and expensive to fix!