Drain Cleaning

One of the most important tasks for any community is protecting your local watershed. Drain and sewer maintenance are essential to protecting our waterways. While it may not be something you think of everyday, you, your neighbors, and your whole community are deeply connected to your watershed and are a pivotal part of it’s overall health. Even if you aren’t close to a river or stream, you are still a part of the watershed.

Just think about it – next time it rains, imagine the path of the rainfall. It hits your roof, flows through your gutters, runs over your lawn into the street, then follows the drain system to the nearest body of water. Locally, this is known as The Great Miami River watershed. According to the Greater Miami Conservation effort, 15 counties in Ohio rely on this specific watershed for groundwater for their drinking water supply.

Here In Dayton, Ohio, it’s also a fantastic resource for our local wildlife’s habitat, a fount of natural beauty, outdoor water based recreation, and family-friendly fun. Data collected from the Ohio EPA has also shown that the water quality of this area has improved strongly in the last 20 years, allowing the chance for more boating, fishing, and other water based eco-tourism in the region. Now imagine what could happen if there is a sewage leak into this essential natural resource – closed public amenities, potential health hazards, and costly repairs.

Early detection of drainage, sewer and septic problems and routine maintenance can drastically reduce the potential for problems in your home, business, and community. Here at Drain Tech we strive to help our neighbors protect our natural resources with these proactive tips.

How to recognize a problem in your sewer or septic system

  • Your toilet isn’t flushing ​all​ of the waste in just one flush.
  • Standing water in the shower drains slowly.
  • Your basement has mysterious puddles and pools forming.
  • You can smell waste – outside of the bathroom!
  • Your sinks, drains, and toilets are imitating scenes from Hocus Pocus: ​“Like a hell-broth ​boil​ and ​bubble​. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and ​toilet​ bubble.”

If you notice any of these problems occurring in your home, don’t hesitate! Call (937) 222-8888 and one of our highly-trained Drain Techs can fix your problem today – usually within an hour or two! Don’t put drain and sewer maintenance off until the problem is much more difficult and expensive to fix!