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Without a camera inspection, your dream home could quickly turn into a money pit

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Smart Realtors know to recommend a full drainage camera inspection to their clients, to protect them from massive unforseen costs.

Typical Home Inspections Don't Check Drains & Sewers

Hidden problems in your drains & sewer can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

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You would never dream of buying a home without a full inspection report from a certified Home Inspector. But most home buyers neglect to get a thorough camera inspection of their drains and sewer before buying, even though a new sewer line can cost just more than a new roof, new HVAC or new windows!

Average cost for a new roof: $7,000

Average cost for a new HVAC system: $9,500

Average cost to fix foundation issues: $4,500

Average cost to replace external drain line: $10,000+

(source: Home Guide)

What is a Whole Home Drainage Camera Inspection?

Our highly-trained drain techs will come out to your home during the inspection period before closing, so you know exactly what you’re buying before signing your name on the dotted line.

Our thorough 5 point camera inspection comes with a copy of all video taken.

Visual Inspection of Small Lines

Our Tech will inspect each small drain line in the house (bathroom sink, tub, shower, kitchen sink, disposal, toilets, laundry and wash sink) to see if it runs properly, identifying slow-running drains.

Video inspection of Main Lines Within Foundation

Using our specialized, top-of-the-line CCTV cameras, our Tech will perform a video inspection of all the main lines within the foundation walls.

Video Inspection of Main Stack

Our Tech will inspect the main stack and vent, noting any obstructions, blockages and potential problems.

Video Inspection of External Main Line to City Sewer

This is perhaps the most vital part of a home inspection: inspecting the main sewer line from your stack to the city sewer. This is where most of the expensive potential problems arise, especially in older houses with rusting or rotten lines, and homes surrounded by trees.

Detailed Inspection Report

Our Tech will write a detailed report with their findings, noting areas that need immediate attention as well as areas that may pose a problem in the future.

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