A new home is likely one of the biggest, most expensive purchases of your whole life. A Whole Home Drain and Sewer Inspection from Drain Tech will provide a thorough written inspection, so you go into this important purchase fully-informed and ready to negotiate.

We hear so many horror stories from people who have bought a new home with a blocked, broken or inadequate drain and sewer system –

Expensive problems that damage your home, sanity and wallet.

Most home inspection companies do not offer video inspection of drain and sewer lines. Those that do offer video inspection do not have the ability to fix the problem then and there; They can only report it to the homeowner.

We have the ability to diagnose any potential drainage problem within your new home BEFORE it causes an issue. We can either fix the problem immediately, or we can provide a detailed, honest estimate of the cost to fix it. Many of our clients use the information we provide to negotiate a lower house price, or to ask the sellers to fix problems before purchase.

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