drain cleaning scam

A clog in your sewer or drain line is a major plumbing issue that you’ll want to sort out immediately. However, it’s important to carefully consider which sewer and drain cleaning business you choose to work with. We don’t want you to fall prey to fraud and deception!

Drain Tech has put together the following guide on how to avoid a drain cleaning scam. Please read it over before signing that check.

1. Pay close attention to their questions

Some sewer and drain cleaning businesses seek out clients they view as vulnerable — seniors and widows. If you feel like you’re being asked strange or inappropriate questions, see it as a red flag. Below are a few examples:

  • May I speak with your husband?
  • Is anyone else home?
  • What time will your husband be home?

These questions can sometimes be a way of finding out how much they will be able to get away with charging you. If you are alone in your house, be sure to mention that you will be running their estimates by a trusted and experienced family member or friend, even if you have no plans to do so.

2. Be wary of “evidence”

According to Angie’s List, crooked company owners often teach dishonest techniques to their employees in order to push homeowners into spending more:

Some will travel in pairs and while one is upstairs getting information about the customer the other is down stairs spreading dirt in specific spots that they say indicate the sewer pipe is broken and forcing the dirt up through the concrete.

When presented with such “evidence,” remain skeptical. Keep in mind that there’s almost never sufficient pressure in a drain line to force dirt through concrete!

If you hire a company to video your drain lines, you should monitor them while they are recording your lines. Dishonest drain cleaning companies have been known to show customers videos of drains that are in far worse condition, in order to persuade them that more expensive work is needed.

3. Do your homework

Don’t always work with the first sewer and drain cleaning business you encounter. Perform a background check through the Better Business Bureau, and search online for reviews.

Drain Tech provides honest emergency service and high quality work. Our technicians are truthful and totally committed to customer service. There is a reason why we’re Dayton’s #1 rated drain cleaning company! Make us your only call and save the time, money, hassle and potential headaches of dealing with unscrupulous drain cleaners, who may not have your best interests in mind. Call (937) 222-8888 to schedule your appointment with one of our Drain Techs today, and avoid a drain cleaning scam.