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Preventing Basement Floods in Old Homes

Preventing Basement Floods in Old Homes

Old houses are a complicated network of drainage pipes that extend far beyond your usual homeowner's imagination. Most people just think that their main sewer line goes to the street, and that's that. Many people are unaware that old houses can have dozens of...

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How to Fix Cracked Pipes

How to Fix Cracked Pipes

Discovering you have a leaky pipe can be an utter nightmare for a homeowner. In the past, extensive damage to existing structures, disruption of your daily life, and excessive costs were a shoe in for sewer line replacement. Luckily, this is no longer the only option....

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How to fix a Tub drain

How to fix a Tub drain

One of the most relaxing self-care rituals in existence is taking a nice, long bubble bath. Setting up candles, finding your favorite scented soap or bath bomb, and just soaking can be one of the most pleasurable experiences one can enjoy. But what happens when you go...

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